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Personalized Name Guardians

[Image: Personalized Name Guardians]
Personalized Name Guardians--Imagine the thrill of having your name, or a loved one's, immortalized and guarded by these two denizens of the macabre nations. Good for children's rooms or over the bar. Perfect for a band's logo--if you know of one who is a practitioner of the musical arts.

Specify name of person, organization, or object you wish to name. Up to 14 letters (additional letters available at $2.00 per letter.) Custom logos or lettering also available.

LARGE! 23" wide, 15" tall, 3" deep.

Please contact the artist for the customizing information.

Larry LoPresti. 480-829-3554.

Personalized Name Guardians





Have your name immortalized and guarded by these creatures.

If you would like this item, write me or call me.  The Price is $88.  I accept checks or money orders (I do not accept credit cards for security reasons).  Make check or money order to Larry LoPresti. 

Larry LoPresti

709 S. Starley Drive

Tempe, AZ  85281


Phone: 480-829-3554

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