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Welcome to LoPresti Gargoyles. All of the objects are individually handcrafted from fine papers. Nothing is reproduced from molds or other means. This will ensure that your selection will be unique from all others as each one is really one of a kind.

All of these creations should be protected as any work of art. They are not designed for underwater use, such as fountains or ponds. I am able to custom create items for specific aquatic or outdoor use for an additional 40%. Keeping these limitations in mind, your gargoyle will last for a number of years.

You may use these objects freely for photographic or display purposes (including video or stage productions). You will find these objects ideal for Halloween or Haunted House displays. Please credit the artist when practical.

Thank You,
Larry LoPresti

In both antique Chinese and Japanese furniture , the wood that most craftsmen use comes from the Elm tree. This type of wood can be found in those regions that are able to sustain trees. There are times when different types of wood are used in these antiques. Each wood contain its own distinctive color and grain which marks for a better quality antique. Compare this with the modern pieces of furniture that typically use wood veneer or laminate just to get the look of antiques sans the price tag. These are not real antiques but are called reproduction antiques.

There is a variety of Asian furniture considered to be antique. They are not only found in their respective motherlands but may have already been brought to the West like those pieces you sometimes catch at Asian furniture Toronto stores. Because antique dealers these days can directly purchase from Asia, it is now more convenient for buyers to have the perfect antique furniture shipped to them.

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