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Coat of Jaws

[Image: Coat of Jaws]
The Coat of Jaws is made up of three distinct creatures--two winged reptilian creatures holding a toothy skull. An excellent family crest if you suspect your family tree has been a little misshapen and thorny. Perfect over a fireplace or doorway to add a certain macabre grandeur to your estate. This piece is also available as a candle holder--the forward arm of each creature angled downward to light the skull from the side.

30" wide, 23" tall, 3" deep.

Coat of Jaws





Two winged reptilian creatures holding a toothy skull.

If you would like this item, write me or call me.  The Price is $125.  I accept checks or money orders (I do not accept credit cards for security reasons).  Make check or money order to Larry LoPresti. 

Larry LoPresti

709 S. Starley Drive

Tempe, AZ  85281


Phone: 480-829-3554

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